(1 litre) . . . HUF 990.- / € 3.2


(0.4 L) . . . HUF 990.- / € 3.2

Often called as seltzer or soda water which is sparkling water kept under pressure. It is perfect choice if you are thirsty. Joseph Priestley was the first to mix carbon dioxide with water artificially in 1767. Low-cost industrial production of carbonated water is credited to Ányos Jedlik in Hungary and his invention to sip up soda water from the bottom of the siphon through a pipe in order to keep more carbon dioxide in the soda. Hungarians like to prepare various types of drinks with soda water, e.g. syrups (made out of fruit concentrate and sugar) or wine.

It's a mixture of wine and soda water. Depending on the ratio of wine and soda water there are different types of fröccs drinks. Lately some mixed alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are often called as fröccs as well.

On October 5, 1842  András Fáy invited Vörösmarty and some other friends to his estate for grape harvest. Ányos Jedlik was one of them who besides being a great scientist in electricity happened to be the Hungarian inventor of soda water production in industrial scale as well. In order to soothe the strength of the wine, in addition to inventing how to make soda water he needed to design a specific bottle that could spritz the water. Jedlik brought the world's first siphon bottle with him and made the very first spritzer of all times on the Fáy-estate leaving the host and guests in shock .The drink was named as 'spritzer' after  its German name.  Vörösmarty didn't like the name, though, so instead he invented the Hungarian word 'fröccs' for the drink. The poet mentioned the drink of wine mixed with water in his later poem 'Fóti dal' (Song from Fót): "Peals of the wine are rising to the top".


When we formed our selection of pálinka, we did not want to offer the whole assortment of only one supplier. Instead, we wanted to find the best pálinkas regardless of the maker.  We trust that you will find your favourite in this wide selection, whether it is an appetizer before or a digestive after your meal. This Hungaricum is offered from our well-equiped Pálinka Cart.


Our guests can experience something special in our restaurant. Some dishes on our menu can be prepared tableside on our Flambé Cart. This revives an old tradition that was once only a privilege of kings and princes. Come and experience this first-class opportunity.

SOCIAL TABLE - a mixing table
for guests who come alone


WHY? We have created the Social Table so that guests who come alone can find company if they want. If you don't want to have dinner alone, or if you would like some company over your glass of fine wine, we can help you!

HOW? We offer great food with matching beverages, and so we encourage our guests by bringing together people with common interests.

WHAT IS IT? It's a table in the center of the restaurant with the opportunity for a bit of social life and for getting to know new people.



Our rooftop spice garden is a pinch of oasis in the city jungle. In this way we can guarantee that the dishes that come to your table are prepared from ingredients grown absolutely without chemicals. Here, every day of the year, the chef gathers the necessary spices.

Live Music

We welcome our guests every evening with live piano music that perfectly befits a restaurant that respects tradition. On Wednesdays there is jazz or Hungarian music to meet modern expectations as well.

Monday: live piano music

Tuesday: live piano music

Wednesday: live piano music

Thursday: live piano music

Friday: live piano music

live jazz / Hungarian music 
(two-week shifts)

Sunday: no live music


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Rákóczi út 43-45.




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